Macau, China can be called the Las Vegas of Asia. It is the place to be if you have gambling and fancy, trendy hotels on your mind. Macau has a lot of french influence. Streets, buildings and most of the signage in and around Macau are in french. Even though Macau has its very own international airport, the easiest way to get there without burning a hole in your pocket is by taking a fast boat from Hong Kong.

I stayed at the Best Western hotels which didn’t really meet my expectations. Don’t get me wrong, the hotel is nice and comfy but the staff doesn’t understand english. Best Western also boasts of an underground casino of its own, which is pretty cool…

Things to See in Macau

1. One of the landmarks of Macau is ofcourse the Awesome Macau Tower, and if you are an adventure junkie, this place has one of the highest bungee jumps in the world.

2. Pointe 16- Michael Jackson Gallery– Another great place if you want to celebrate the life of one of the most popular personalities in the music world.

3. Senado Square- With its amazing array of street stalls and resturants combined with the amazing architecture, Senado Square is a must see if you are in Macau

4. Casinos- There a LOT of casinos in Macau,  most popular ones being Lisboa, MGM, Sands and the Wynn… The Chinese take their gambling really seriously, so watch yourself !

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