Pattaya located around 100 kms from Bangkok is the quickest getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Pattaya attracts travelers from all over the world for different reasons. Some come here for the beach, some for the awesome nightlife and food, and some for its famous walking street….

The Dark Side!

When in Pattaya, you will see a LOT of elderly white people hanging around day and night with Thai women half their age.  Why? I asked around and there seem to be different theories about the whole “situation”.

1st Theory- Elderly White Man comes to Thailand. Hires a Thai Woman to give him company during his stay. Elderly White Man pays all the expenses during his stay including the woman and leaves when his time comes.

2nd Theory- Elderly White Man comes to Thailand and asks a Thai Woman out. They have fun together (sightseeing, dinner, and god knows what else).. The Elderly White Man at times even adopts the kid(s) of the Thai Woman. He pampers both the Woman and her kid(s) with gifts (God knows why!).. After his trip, the Elderly White Man leaves for home and acts as if the whole thing never happened..  Some come back a few months later and start the whole process all over again…why? NO CLUE!!!!


Things to do

1. Laze around at the beach. Lots of water sport options also available at the Pattaya Beach. Lots of entertainment and shopping options also available.

2. Visit the Sriracha Tiger Zoo and get up close and personal with the big cats!

3. Cabaret Shows- The most popular ones are Alcazar and the Tiffany’s

4. Visit the crocodile farm

5. Watch a Ping Pong Show. (Warning: Not for the faint of hearts)


I stayed at the Sawasdee Inn which is located 5 mins from the beach. It is a nice cozy place and is quite popular with the budget backpackers. There is also a travel desk from where you can book tours, which is pretty handy. The hotels also offers complimentary breakfast. Also, I’m pretty sure the receptionist is Gay! His favorite line being “Have a good day, Mister!”.. Homophobics, Beware!!!


Me doing my bit to save the tiger!