Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia… I entered Cambodia by a Sinh Cafe bus from Ho Chi Minh City. The whole trip took about six hours and cost $9 which is pretty reasonable because they handled all the visa paperwork at the border..

The bus stopped at a few local food joints on the Cambodian side and we got to see the local village food..,.which mainly comprised of various types of insects, birds and spiders…a bit of a culture shock, for sure!

Where to stay

Phnom Penh is pretty expensive for Cambodia… I stayed at this really nice hotel called Dara Sea Reang, which is located 5 mins from the sea front. Phnom Penh sea front has wide boulevards and has a lively night life… you can have find restaurants, pubs, ice cream parlors all around the sea front area…. a lot of shopping options are also available… 



What to See

1. The Killing Fields… One of the most disturbing places I have been to… Here, you can learn what the Cambodian people have gone through in the past.. The audio guides available at the park helps you understand the history of the place…

2. The Genocide Museum… Another must see in Phnom Penh… This is the place where people from all over Cambodia during Poipet’s regime were brought and tortured…. definitely a must see if you want to understand the history of Cambodia.

3.  Phnom Penh night market…Located near the sea front,, it is a really enjoyable place because not only can you shop for souvenirs and taste the local cuisine but you can also listen to popular Cambodian bands perform…all for free!!

4. The Royal Palace, Wat Phnom  and the national museum… Pretty nice!

5. The Central market.. Biggest market in Phnom Penh…