9.45 am at the Terminal 3 lounge

So, it seems I have survived the night at Paharganj… another feather on my  cap… woke up at around 5 am and was out of the 3 star International,  (the  name still makes me laugh…3 star my ass)…after walking all the way to the New Delhi Metro station, I felt happy because it seems that I have saved myself 50 bucks worth of Rickshaw fare… so, as I sit here at the Terminal 3 airport, sipping on my Coke and having the worst Mc Donald french fries ever, I tell myself that the meal is actually costing me 50 bucks less.. booyaaaa! A little regret though, I should have ordered the fries with African spices, the new Mc D offering..  the Chinese looking guy sitting next to me is having one of those and “shaking the bag” part looks super fun…

Had a little insecure moment when one of the Thai Airways officials hinted that Phuket doesnt  have Visa on Arrival for Indians and that I have to get the visa at Bangkok and then go to the transfer desk for my Phuket flight… Rushed to the nearest power socket and checked on the Thai embassy website.. Phuket apparently does provide the VOA thing

I am going to Phuket… Good times have begun! Still haven’t decided whether to stay in Phuket for a night before head off to the islands…. Got to decide tonight.. The Sun Beach House, where I stayed last time has doubled its price.. I am planning to stay somewhere closer to the Bangla Road.. and it has to be cheap…   this time around I haven’t booked any hotels in advance because from my past experience, finding a hotel with a heavy bag on your back wastes a shit load of time..  A place like Phuket is not short of cheap hotels and guest houses… However, I have noted down the addresses of a few promising places… hope they don’t sell out!

Bye for now!

19.29 Hours @ Bangkok Airport

So, it seems the lady wasn’t totally incorrect… Apparently, if you are availing the Visa on Arrival facility, you have to get the visa at the first port in which you land… however, I do not think I need to change my plans because the phuket airport also provides the Visa on Arrival facility if Phuket is the port of entry..

Not much to do at the domestic terminal of the Bangkok airport..its actually pretty boring.. and I still have around 2.5 hours before my flight to Phuket… still haven’t made up my mind whether to take a day off at Phuket before heading off to the islands… Have to decide when I land in Phuket… How do I go to Ao Nang? Will I get some transport at midnight.. and even if I make it to Ao Nang, the boats wont leave until morning… looks like I may have to spend a couple of hours at the Phuket Airport, at least till sunrise..