1930 hours @ Diamond Cave Resort, Railay

What a day! Did absolutely nothing!.. lazed around at the beach, ate pineapples, splashed around in the sea.. but all that came at a price… I look like a roasted tomato… my whole upper body is burning.. when my skin was burning, I thought that was the pain I had to go through to get a tan… so, here I am, sun burnt!  My skin is all red.. I don’t mean reddish or kinda red.. or sorta red..none of that Paris Hilton bullshit.. its RED!

Went to the beach very early, around 730 or so.. and by 10 am I was bored.. and I thought about exploring a bit… and I am glad I did.. till then, I was just hanging around at the Railay West Beach… but the real shit lies at the Phra Nang beach (don’t remember the name exactly).. as Jim Carrey would say… B-E-A-utiful! It is usually an hour’s stop for the day trippers from Phi Phi… literally when people at the beach see these tourist boats coming, you can hear them mutter “Fucking Parasites”! Not really.. but still.. its not cool, because it gets crowded and you see Sharma Aunties and Subramaniam uncles yelling at their kids.. not cool at all…  but by 11am the boats stop coming and the beach is left just for us.. the residents…. or in Lost terms “The Others”.. Also at the Phra Nang beach there is a small little shrine where the fishermen of the village pray before heading off to the sea… the shape of the rocks there are a bit weird.. will not get into that.. Also there is a rock climbing point… but climbing with flipflops isn’t necessarily the best idea ever..

There is a viewpoint and a lagoon here at Railay as well.. but I decided to skip it because the climb upto the place seemed dangerous and I really want to visit Bali… Eat Pray Love!

Have booked a ferry-cum- minibus to Phuket which leaves at 930 am and the ETA is 1430pm.. Have noted down the addressed of a few dorms so that I can use those for a little nap or a shower before heading off to the airport… tomorrow is definitely going to be a little gruelling especially because I have serious doubts whether I can carry my rucksack on my back because of the sun burn.. As an Italian guy would say… Sun Burno is a bitcho!

All in all, Railay is wonderful.. everyone has been asked at some point in their lives, do you prefer beaches or mountains? Railay can be your destination no matter what the answer to that question is… however, visit soon because if the constructions around certain places here are to be believed… this place may soon be the next Phi Phi.. Come here before the parasites takeover…

Ironically, I am also a “parasite”