3.35 am Up Hill hotel @ Phi Phi Islands

It has been around 30 minutes since I have returned back to my room but my ears are still thumping with party music… I must say, tonight Phi Phi has redeemed itself.. the nightlife is still as awesome as it was a year ago.. the fire show, the fake action packed thai boxing, good food, amazing drinks, great atmosphere ensured that my trip back to the island was just as memorable.. Eventhough I have already booked my ticket to Ao Nang tomorrow, a little part of me wants to stay back at the Phi Phi for another wild night.. but I must keep going… Rai Leh is expected to offer me a totally serene and calm stay, which I feel I need desperately because clearly you cannot (or will not) sleep here..

The night started with a stroll to the beach with a slice of pizza… slightly overpriced but quite nice.. the beach looks beautiful at night with the lighting along the coast thanks to the numerous bars and pubs.. the Woody hosted a great fire show with a lot of the tourists also participating… and just when I started to think about dinner, rain came down heavily for like 15 minutes, enough time for me to get wet, atleast damp… made my way to the Reggae Sports Bar and watched tourists beating the crap out of eachother.. one fight that I will remember would be the one between this huge muscular guy, whom I saw working out in the afternoon probably in the only gym in Phi Phi, and a guy who, judging by his hairstyle, cared a lot about his looks.. Recipe for disaster.. needless to say the macho guy put up a great show and literally bullied his opponent around. It probably would have ended badly for his opponent had it not been for the referee who stopped the fight in the middle of the second round.. the macho guy became a local celebrity for like 10 minutes with many of the thai women asking him to pose for a picture with them… After having a plate of Pad thai and two cans of Coke, I made my way back to the beach for the party..

I must add here that last time the drinks at Phi Phi seemed far more lethal.. I guess, since I started living in ( and drinking in) Uttar Pradesh it takes a lot to get me going otherwise why do I still feel sober at 3.25 am…  However, the others seemed to have no such problems… After doing a lot of people watching, with the hot shot DJ doing his thing in the background, at around 2.30 am I felt it was time to head back and spend some quiet time..

As I was making my way back to the hotel while thinking about tomorrows trip, something made me laugh and totally changed my opinion about the bargaining skills of the Whites, whom I always perceived as very gullible when it came to bargaining and negotiating… there were two white guys and a thai girl in a dark little alley and as I passed them, I heard the Thai girl saying “1000 Bahts”… to this, one of the white guys responded by saying.. “no way, 300 Bahts and anal..”

Some Krabi restaurant  over a glass of coke and tuna sandwich

Something went wrong and I am sitting here at this really overpriced restaurant and waiting for the Railay boat to gather 8 people so that it can leave… till now 3… Also the prices seem overpriced… it was supposed to be 20 bahts but here they are asking for 120 bahts… don’t know how and why? I was supposed to have a free ride till Ao Nang but I apparently missed the guy at the boat who was handing out “Till Ao Nang” stickers due to which I had shell out an extra 100 baht for the ride… even then, I have doubts whether I am actually at Ao Nang because I mentioned to the van driver that I wanted to go to Railay and I think the Asshole dropped me midway to this random travel shop cum restaurant.. There is no wifi or anything here so that I can figure out an alternate way… so, I guess I am at their mercy for now… thinking about exploring around and figuring out a faster (and cheaper) way of getting there.. chances of that seems bleak since I don’t know where the fuck I actually am… the view is incredible though..  got to go… boat ready

7.30 Pm Diamond Cave Resort over a bottle of Chang Beer

So, after a ride which lasted 10 minutes and set me back by an unreasonable 240 Bahts, I am finally at Railay… the long boat ride was scary as shit… I mean every wave splashed salty sea water on us and by the end of the ride, we along with our bags were drenched… it was way too scary for my liking, but come to think of it, every long boat ride is … but now that I am here, I am glad that I braved it all.. what an awesome place this is … not yet blown up, so you don’t see 7-11s and bar and pubs at every corner.. it has its very own walking street which actually is a string of shops and restaurants..it is definitely not comparable to its namesakes in Phuket and Pattaya… it is much more relaxed here and not everyone seems to be in a mission to scam…. the beach is wonderful.. surrounded by cliffs and mountains makes it really scenic… the beach too is much cleaner than the Patong at Phuket.. After spending all afternoon at the beach, I could not resist getting in the water.. After that I went to the walking street for my dinner… the food is super awesome.. I remember last time I was in Thailand, I hated the food so much that I ate all my meals at the popular fast food joints like McD and KFCs.. but this time around the thai food seems super delicious.. won the respect of the restaurant when I pointed out that I was being charged less for the food (the fried chicken noodles were not accounted for)..one of the guys at the restaurant said “ thanks man.. you are a good man..”

Phuket to Phi Phi..Phi Phi to Krabi… Krabi to Ao Nang.. Ao Nang to Rai Leh… there has got to be an easier way, man! but if there was, I guess Rai Leh would have been like any other Thai tourist spot..

Before leaving for Rai Leh, I checked out a few nice yet cheap places here which made me come across this resort… even though, the website in which I checked didn’t give it very high recommendations, but now that I am here, I cant think of a better place at this price.. my own cottage with a private balcony, air conditioning, TV and a private bathroom has made me decide to spend another day here.. this truly is wonderful… however, it is not entirely rainbows, butterflies and unicorns here.. this place does have a few cons too.. a) to come to this resort you have to come through this really lonely little road which becomes a bit scary especially at night..  every little rustle of the leaves make you wonder whether it is some wild animal waiting in the shadows waiting to pounce on you.. b) this is a really ridiculous one.. at this resort, everytime you use the safe deposit locker you have to pay 20 Bahts… WTF indeed!

Explored the surrounding of the resort and met this Burmese waiter named Vinod who spoke a bit of hindi.. he has been here for a year and a half.. Lucky son of a bitch!

Have the whole day tomorrow to chill and relax…plan on getting to the beach early and getting some sea water on me… and also catching up on my novel.. there is also this nice looking place named Utopia which seems promising enough for me to think about having a meal there..  may just visit this lagoon that is heavily publicised locally… all in all though, I am glad that I watched Samantha Brown’s Asia on a Sunday morning few months back and came to know about Rai Leh..