11 pm @ Phuket International Airport

Sitting near the airport dustbin, wearing a ridiculous red Vietnam T-shirt, aching all over,getting sleepier by the minute, and over 8 hours to kill before my flight to Denpasar Bali.. GOD! Really missing Railay and its beautiful beaches at the moment.. hopefully, Kuta will not disappoint either..

Woke up at 6 am today and wanted to make an early visit to the Phra Nang Beach.. there was some sort of a water crisis in the morning which sucked.. the sun burn didn’t let me sleep well last night and today morning I bought a gel which is supposed to cure it.. hopefully, the burns will heal.. couldn’t carry my rucksack on my back.. the burn it seems is spreading.. till yesterday, it was mainly on the back of the neck and the shoulders.. now its on my wrist and back as well… the caretaker of my resort asked me if I was from Japan.. I was like “Hell Noro”… don’t like what the burn and the red skin is doing to me..

The ride upto Phuket was mostly smooth.. 10 minute long boat ride to a nearby bus station.. me and 5 other people started off from Railay.. had a weird few minutes when we couldn’t find the bus which was supposed to pick us up… but soon the minivan from the Hatyai world tour company came to pick us up… dropped us off at their Krabi office after 30 minutes or so.. from there Phuket was a 3 hour ride.. the company seems to have put in place a very nice setup where tourists from different parts of Southern Thailand meet…and then they are assigned to other minivans with passengers going to the same or nearby destinations.. its a bit like the whole post office set up..

Reached Bangla Road by 2.45 pm and quickly found a backpacker hostel to keep my stuff… the owner was a very likable old man… very friendly… after check-in, went to the Bangkok Burger Company for their famous burger… didn’t figure out what the big deal was… but still… it was okay… also, bought some sun screen lotion to protect my skin from burning further.. after lunch, went to the Jungceylon Shopping Mall and watched The Avenger… Loved It.. my favourites were Iron Man and Hulk… Hulk smash! R.Downey Jr.was great as usual…

By the time the movie ended it was dark outside and the Bangla Road was all business which their Pubs, live music, shops and go-go bars.. bought a hippie shirt and a pair of shorts from the mall.. saw a magic show and some dance show just outside the mall…  also had some delicious noodle soup from Bangla Road.. l am really starting to dig thai food now… then booked a moto taxi for 400 Bahts till the airport at 9 pm.. enjoyed the ride thoroughly.. great fun!

So, tomorrow morning I leave Phuket and go to Indonesia for the first time.. even though I am excited about Bali, I am a little disappointed that I couldn’t spend more time at Rai Leh.. places like Phuket, Pattaya, Phi Phi have lost their sheen and I can just hope that Rai Leh is not next on the list…