Ayu Beach Inn, Bali

Didnt write yesterday because frankly, I had better things to do…

So, I arrived here yesterday and spent the day roaming all over Kuta and Legion.. the Visa on Arrival procedure is simple but make sure you carry the correct denominations of the right currencies for a smoother way through the immigration process.. the Visa is basically a cheap sticker which I am not happy about…I thought it would be cooler… also, drug smuggling and drug trafficking carries a death penalty here, so watch out!

Reached the Poppies-I by 2.30 Pm after our taxi or Taksi, as they spell it, repeatedly got caught in traffic jams in the super narrow roads of the city.. at one point I suspected we were lost because we had been driving around for half an hour whereas the Trip Adviser website said Poppies is walking distance from the Denpasar Airport.. paid Rp. 50000 to the driver, which included a Rp.20000 tip for his niceness.. and not because he ran away with my Rp. 50000 note..

Found this Inn right in the middle of poppies and the guy at the gate gave me a good price for two days plus my back was burning as hell, so I decided to stay here.. it has a pool and everything… but no power sockets in the room!

After taking a nice cool shower and a change of clothes, went out to the nearby KFC for some much deserved Breakfast-cum-Lunch… things are quite different here.. something I need to adjust to..

Walked down to the Kuta Beach and it was quite nice with the clear blue sky… roamed around in the markets and asked around with the travel agents about the places to see here… apparently there is this big ass volcano which is quite popular and so is a lake nearby… looks good in the snap shots.. HULK GO SOON!

Spent my whole evening looking for this Bombsite Memorial which everybody knows about but no one seemed to give me the exact location.. used the free wifi at one of the supermarkets and apparently, there is this Pub which was bombed and the Memorial is situated there.. went to the Pub and asked, the girl at the counter gave me a confused look, thats when I knew its time for me to stop wasting time on this memorial shit.. clearly it hasn’t served its purpose…

Had Bakso in the evening…disgusting to the max.. had 2 packets of chewing gum and I still reeked of Bakso… its basically a soup, with noodles, vegetables with either fish, chicken, beef or mutton… I had the fish one… and when the bowl of Bakso arrived at my table, I felt like I have been teleported to a disgusting fish market, thanks to the smell.. but one good thing that Bakso did was, I didn’t feel like eating anything else that day… HULK SAVE MONEY!

Among other things that I did included buying all the RHCP,Blink182 and U2 songs for my ipod, buying a lonely planet guidebook to Bali which highly recommends walking in the rice fields of Ubud, Weird! But I will try to do it..Ubud is the real Bali..

Right now, waiting for my ride to take me to the Volcano and the Lake..it was supposed to show up at 8..and it is 8.10 now… HULK SMASH!

Oh, one more thing… they sell magic mushrooms here…I am not courageous enough to try but if you do, let me know how it goes..!