5.10 PM @ The Phuket International Airport

So, I am back to Phuket and have taken my usual seat near the garbage bin and as usual wearing a ridiculous Bintang T shirt.. I realised that every time I catch a flight from Phuket, I wait for hours because the flight I am catching is so early in the morning that getting a cab maybe difficult. This time it is different though.. when I was planning this trip, I thought it would me a great idea to catch a 12 hour bus from Phuket to Bangkok.. Few days ago, when I landed in Phuket, I realised that there was nothing cool about the 12 hour bus ride and I booked a flight to Bangkok.. if only this thought had come to me earlier, it would have saved half of my day… whatever, the case, my point is everytime I am here at Phuket airport, I have so much time to kill that I start thinking about the place I just left.. a year ago, it was Hong Kong, Macau and Phi Phi… and this time around it is Bali..

I will miss Bali, that goes without saying.. I made more friends during my 6 day stay there than I have made friends in my neighbourhood since I moved. Seriously, I have two friends in my neighbourhood.. rest are assholes, being nice to me so that they can get loans… Everything about Bali was so colourful.. the beer was better and cheaper than Thailand.. Bintang Rocks! I loved it so much that I bought a bloody T shirt.. yes, the food was weird.. frankly I thought Bakso would be super tasty..but it tasted and smelt a lot like dead, rotten fish… there was a Balinese dish that I liked..it was called Buyan Ayam or something like that… it basically was a plate of rice porridge with chicken.. and it was served with a few chips… it tasted like a good, clean, plain, no nonsense dish… which is good once in a while… needless to say, a local recommended that dish… he was actually my driver cum friend for a day…Bapl… yeah that guy… he also asked me to try out Arak, which is some sort of a Indonesian rice wine or something… I didn’t but am sure it would have been great.. he also asked me to stay away from magic mushrooms, which I did… he told me one gets a 2 year jail term if caught high on the mushrooms.. so, everytime a guy at the shady corners of the market asked me if I wanted some mushrooms, I would get away from him quickly… two years will seem like four years in jail… thats like a whole world cup… No way! He gave me another very useful advice, always, always, always, order the bigger Bintang bottle.. it is cheap in comparison to buying 2 smaller one.. saves like Rp. 3000.. too bad, I ditched him later but he was a cool guy… hope his kids don’t drop out of school.. he deserves a good retired life…

Another nice guy was Ipul.. he worked at the travel desk at the MBA tour company.. he was the one who arranged my shuttle bus to Ubud.. even though,  he didn’t give me the discount I ask for, he always had a smile on his face when he say me… he had a cool handshake that I still cannot do.. Last night when I told him I was leaving today, he offered to drop me at the airport on his bike… he is always up for a nice conversation…  too bad, I didn’t have a chance to say good bye..

There was also this nice lady at the food court who knew I liked spicy food.. on my last day, she got me a nice table, even though she messed up the order.. She was very liberal with the chilly sauce and the end of each meal she would ask me if the spices were up to the mark.. don’t know her name but she really needs to have a writing pad with her when she is taking orders from people… I didn’t mind, that doesn’t mean others wont..

The whole staff of Ayu Beach Inn.. always welcoming..always looking for a conversation…

There was this guy at the food court who sat at the travel desk.. He kept asking me for Bintangs… Asshole! Wont mind forgetting him…

The people of Bali in general were so awesome.. “where are you from?” was their first question.. and then they would say say Namaste or ask if I was a Hindu too.. the shit was getting pretty weird when one guy asked me to sing a bollywood song to prove that I was an Indian.. One shopkeeper was like, Hey Shah Rukh Khan, buy a T shirt…

All in all, leaving Bali was heartbreaking..

There is still 2 hours to my flight to Bangkok, and I feel pretty bored.. finished reading “The Beach”… great novel, too bad the movie wasn’t as good.. the movie makers twisted quite a few details of the novel..

I will be landing in Bangkok at around 9.30 pm and will be heading straight to Lub D Bangkok.. a very modern Dorm in the middle of the city.. Had it been any other city, I would have thought twice about booking a hostel, so far away from the airport this late at night… but Bangkok doesn’t scare me anymore.. I know I may have to eat my words if I am mugged today, but thats  a chance I am willing to take.. Watched Hangover 2 the other day which has got me excited about the visit.. It is funny because the first time I went to Bangkok, Hangover 2 had just released..and the movie scared the living hell out of me… especially the Stu and lady boy part.. some of the things on my must do list this time around are:

a)      Watch a movie at Siam Paragon, the best hall ever!

b)      Stay at (or near) Khao San Road and visit “The Club”

c)       Go to Chatuchak market

d)      Drink coke from a polythene, like Alan did in Hangover 2

e)      And finally, visit Ayuthaya

Lets see if I can fit all that in my 3 day stay… but as of now, I am really looking forward to staying at Lub D Bangkok.. I know dorms doesn’t have privacy and all, but last time I was there, I had such a good time… I met this South African guy who was going to Chiang Mai.. I met this Spanish guy who was on his first visit to Thailand… and he was scammed by the tuk tuk drivers.. something in the line of 400 Euros… he was damn sad..  the poor guy just wanted to snorkel around in Southern Thailand… Man, I should have been more comforting than going something like, you should have done some research about Bangkok…tuk tuks are for losers..

Thats all now.. Bangkok here I come..