We are two of the most confused guys on the planet… known each other for a decade, went to the same school, more or less in the same place as far as life is concerned, we couldn’t find a place that felt like home on the world wide web… so, we did what any normal, rational human would do….  WE STARTED OUR OWN BLOODY WEBSITE!!!!! OH HELL YEAH!!!!

The idea of this website was conceived at the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station, in Delhi after a whole day of deliberations, arguments and counter arguments regarding what this website should be about… and love it or hate it, this is what we came up with…

Lets see where this goes… Remember, we are just getting started !!

The Founding Fathers:


Name: P-Dawwg                                                                                                               Name :  A-Money 

Co-Founder & Food Guru                                                                                       Co- Founder & Rookie Backpacker

Fav Food: Butter Chicken                                                                                          Fav Destination: Thailand

” My mom makes the best Macherjhol, Ore Baba!”                                       <—– He is  Stupid